2015 Toy Drive Christmas Holiday

toy drive

We are hosting yet another toy drive this  year to prepare for Christmas 2015! The toy drive has been open since November and we have been collecting donations from all around the country. On Christmas Eve, we will be handing out these toys at all our locations and other participating volunteer centers.

Our toy drive for 2014 collected thousands of toys and were able to provide hundreds of children from around the country with toys! We have received 94% brand new toys and only 6% were not new but were in like new condition.

We accept most toys. We do have a list of toys that we cannot accept at this time. We do not accept toys that promote gun violence which includes Nerf guns and toys that resemble guns. Similarly to guns, we do not accept toy weapons including swords, maces, bows, and similarly designed weapon-based toys. We also do not accept remote controlled devices including remote controlled aircraft and cars. Any toys with which you would question it’s safety for use with children should be considered prior to donating.

There is no price range for the toys that you are willing to donate. There is also no age limitations for the toys that we collect.

Every year, we meet with hundreds of orphans and children that are less fortunate. We ask that people donate to help bring the Christmas spirit to some of these children by providing them with toys.

To participate in our donation program, please view our donation page and fill out the contact form. We thank you for your donation and wish you all very happy holidays. We have multiple locations across the country with which you can drop off toys or you can mail it in to us. We also accept monetary donations as well which you can do over the phone.

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Quitting Smoking for Adults & Parents

As we mentioned in our earlier post, we also support those who are trying to quit smoking in any way possible. We provide seminars and support groups to assist in this. We know that the journey may be long and difficult, but we are here to help you!

Here are some of the ways that we help you to quit smoking:

  1. We will provide you with our wealth of knowledge on how to quit smoking. We are even in the process of creating brochures with guidelines and tips on how to quit smoking. You can also follow our blog for more information regarding quitting smoking! Simply find our category “Smoking” for more information.
  2. We are currently working with several distributors to get access to some nicotine patches. We will be giving these patches out for free to applicants. Because of the limited supply that we will be getting, we are limited two boxes per house hold. However, there are many other hotlines and organizations that are giving out free nicotine patches, we will also be providing you with information on how to reach out and get yours.
  3. We may also be getting access to electronic hookah pens, which are the nicotine-free alternative to e cigs. We have been working with several companies that are willing to provide us with some of these products as well. We will also write about the safety of using e hookah / e shisha pens below.

Because we have recommended the use of e hookah pens to those who are looking to quit smoking, many have asked whether or not these cigarette alternatives are actually safe to use. We have done our research to provide you with this information.

Electronic hookah pens are indeed safe to use, these pens are made up of just a few components. The battery is the main component and makes up a bulk of the pen. In all of these vape pens, you will find an atomizer that heats up. This atomizer heats up liquids and turns that liquid into vapor which is why when you see people use electronic vaporizers, they are blowing out what looks like smoke. Vapor on the other hand is mostly water, so there are no carcinogens, toxins, or carbon monoxide. These liquids are usually fruit juices that make the vapor taste sweet and fruity.

fantasia e hookah

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(Sponsored) DryHerbVape’s Portable Vaporizers

We would like to use this time to give thanks to one of our biggest donors, DryHerbVape.net. DryHerbVape serves a large demographics around the country including the potheads and medical marijuana users. The use of marijuana is not something that we condone, but we would like to show our appreciation to this very giving company anyway.

What this company provides is a multitude of various products that are related to smoking. Some of the products include nicotine-free electronic hookah pens or e shisha, which are generally used for smokers to quit smoking with. Unlike electronic cigarettes, these vape pens do not contain any nicotine which makes it an even healthier alternative. We are always in support of those who are trying to help others to quit smoking and we will always support smokers who are trying to quit smoking.

Some of the other products include the dry herb vaporizers and the wax vaporizers. These products serve different purposes and the users do not use these to quit smoking, but rather as an easier way to smoke herbs.

Dry Herb Vape’s description of the dry herb vaporizer:

The dry herb vaporizer comes in many forms and brands. Some of the ones that we may be familiar with includes the Atmos vaporizer which is sometimes known as the Atmos RX. This vaporizer is shaped like a pen and it cuts out the need to roll joints or the use of lighters. All you have to do is put your herbs into the electronic vaporizer, press a button and you can vaporizer the herbs. You can then inhale from the mouth piece.

atmos vaporizer

There are many great features about this product including the fact that it’s windproof. That means you can smoke easily on the go and outdoors where there is wind. We know many users who enjoy smoking at the beach, on piers, and places like that. It would be such a hassle just to get your lighter working in conditions like that and it is sometimes nearly impossible without the help of a herbal vaporizer pen.

The great thing about these vaporizers is that you can find them for very affordable prices now as opposed to about two years ago. That means you can get a very affordable accessory for smoking that also cuts the cost down from not having to buy rolling paper or lighters.

atmos rx raw vape pen

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Football Sunday Event – Itinerary

Every Sunday morning until Sunday evening, we have been doing our Football Sunday event at all our locations. We have a projector installed where Football is displayed nearly all day long. Most people who are invited and/or are participating in our events are Football fans. However, when other sporting seasons roll in, we will switch it over to the other sports as well. This includes basketball, soccer, and many other sports.


Typically, the games begin at 1:00 PM (Eastern) in the afternoon which gives us plenty of time to go to the park and get active! Some of the sports that we play include touch football, soccer, softball, basketball and more. As the weather gets colder outside, we will try to get access to the YMCA indoor spaces for more indoor sporting activities.

We usually begin the outdoor activities at around 9:00 AM and end at 11:30AM, which gives the children a little over 2 hours to play their favorite sports outdoors. We head back to our centers to have lunch and snacks while we wait for the kickoff.

Throughout the day, while Football is being displayed on the screen, we will also have many other events.

One of our favorite activities is the Lights On/Lights Out game that we play. The game involves when the lights go out, a group of participants will hide and when the lights come back on, the children will try to find the hiders.

Sundays are also usually the days where we would give out the donations that we receive which includes an assortment of items ranging from toys to clothing. As we near Christmas, we will be hosting a toy drive and hopefully collecting more toys than ever! Stay tuned for more information about the toy drive and how you could participate or donate to the cause.

During the Christmas of 2014, we were able to collect over 2,000 toys and were able to give toys out to hundreds of children across the nation.

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Welcome to our Revamped Site

Since we have been operating since 2003, we have had a pretty dated website. Fortunately, with the assistance of many donors, we were able to launch this new and updated website to facilitate in raising awareness. By raising awareness, we are able to increase the amount of sponsorship from donors and recruit volunteers in a handful of different cities.

You might remember our initial website as one that was purely HTML and wasn’t an interactive one. We received a lot of feedback from our viewers stating that our website was way too slow and didn’t do a good enough job at providing information. Fortunately, we had a group of web developers who helped for a very small fee and did most of the work for free.

Here’s a small list of the things that we seek to do with this new website:

  1. Raise aware of our program and what we do. This could dramatically increase the amount of donors we can reach out to and give instruction on how they could donate.
  2. Increase amount of participating volunteers. We are always seeking volunteers to help in both receiving and distributing donation items. There is also a lot more that volunteers could do including assisting in events, setting up for food drives, and more.
  3. We are currently working on a system that will allow us to receive monetary donations online through credit card processing and through merchant accounts like PayPal.
  4. To give thanks to sponsors and write a little article about them, their services, products. If they are an individual, we will feature about them and their family.
  5. To show events, event dates and locations. We have plenty of events and activities all year round including field trips, NFL football Sundays, sporting events, and other activities. We love spending time with the children and we do these type of events on a daily basis. Interactive calendar is coming soon!

Kids Soccer

If you would like to make any suggestions on how we could improve our website, or if you would like to get more information about our organization, just head over to the contact form and one of us will reach out to you shortly after we receive your message!

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