What are the Reels in Video Slot Games?

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Slots go back, that’s for sure. The good old fashion slots with mechanical reels were always good to us, but since their creation they have evolved into video slots, so it is important to ask yourself the question: what are the reels in video slot games? Are they widely different from the mechanical reel? Completely similar? In this article we will explain why video slot reels are revolutionary and how they enhance the experience of playing slot machines with free daily spins. But first we must cover some basics. 

What are Reels? 

Each reel has a selection of symbols laid out along its rim, typically a machine could have anywhere from 2 to 12 reels. In both mechanical and video slots these reels are aligned with each other. When you pull the trigger, The reels will spin irregularly to then stop on random symbols. If the symbols match up, Jackpot! Reels exist in both mechanical and video slot machines, although, in video slots they are virtual.

Mechanical Slot Machines and their Reels. 

On the mechanical slot machine, the more traditional and also first slot that was ever built, the machine was limited by the amount of reels that it could physically fit inside it’s box. Furthermore, because of its spatial limitations it could mainly only fit vertical reels. The spinning of the reels is dependent on the slot’s return and an algorithm that generates random spins.

Video Slot Machine and their Reels. 

  • Video slot machine games and their reels function very similarly to mechanical reels, although, you will generally find that video slot games are more creative with the types of reels and how many they can fit in the game  .
  • On some video slot games you can find as many as 12 reels. In some video slots, instead of adopting the traditional vertical approach, they use hexagon shapes that you must create certain patterns with in order to win! This gives video game slots a distinct advantage over mechanical slots. But this begs the question: what is the difference between mechanical and video reels in terms of their odds?
  • Well, in this respect they are not very different at all. Mechanical reels, and whether or not they give you matching symbols, have always been determined by algorithms that live inside the machine, and for video slots, it’s the same! Just like mechanical reels, video slot game reels will align with matching symbols or not depending on an algorithm that randomly generates spins. In both cases the algorithm works with the slots return to spin the reels. 

So remember, the reels of video slot games have much more potential for being creative as they have more room for experimentation while mechanical slots are often limited by their physical construction. Moreover, Video slot reels are always randomly generated by an algorithm just like the tried and true traditional slot game. Now that you know the difference you are ready to hit the video slots and reel in that sweet coin.


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