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Save for Kids is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping kids in need.

It was recently founded in 2013 by a group looking to find ways to help improve the lives of children. Join Save for Kids and their partners in helping kids with food, water, clothing, medical, housing, education, mental health, disabilities, toys, diapers and more. By no means does Save for Kids just use campaign profit and accept monetary donations to help kids, ANY way you want to help is appreciated.

Currently Save for Kids is running campaigns and charity events of various types to support needy kids both locally and abroad. For more information on the exact events we hold, go to the events page. If you want to know about our first campaign, called the 'Save for Kids Coupon Club', visit the campaign page. Both of those pages and our featured page have updates that come directly from attached Facebook pages. All of our social networking pages have more information about what we are currently doing to help kids. If all you can do to help support us is liking, following or sharing, it would still help out greatly.


To make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by providing; water, food, clothing, toys, medical, education, housing, and anything else a child might need, while ensuring effective and prudent management of fundraising from various charity campaigns and donations.

Help Us Help Kids

Want to know how to help?

What we need help with is marketing and advertising our fundraising campaigns, volunteering to assist families, and finding those willing to donate. Every day we start fresh and eager to do whatever we can for those kids and families who have no where else to turn. Some of the ways you can help:


To give anyone a way to provide assistance for kids and families in need of help while saving money.
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We create huge revenue every year to help underprivileged kids.

- Sean Terrance, Founder

Contact Info

  • Email: info@saveforkids.org
  • Phone: 615.412.0099
  • Address: 424 Church St. Ste 2000
                   Nashville, TN 37219
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