The Science Behind Foot Patches And Their Effectiveness

Foot patches have been claimed to work wonders in drawing toxins from the body. Some say they are excellent detoxification tools. They are manufactured from natural ingredients alone and are placed easily beneath the feet. The Asian population is known to love them. They claim the detoxifiers assist them in enhancing their sleeping, eliminating toxic substances from their bodies, minimizing fatigue, strengthening their metabolism, and enhancing circulation. With the increased pollution in the environment, toxicity of the atmosphere is on the high. There are very many information sources claiming to use established mechanisms to facilitate or enhance detoxification.



The body is known to detoxify through natural processes. When toxins are quite high in the body system, a person’s immunity to diseases will decline. It is advisable to enhance your body health through detoxification every once in a while. Explaining how the foot patches work is a great challenge though. Federal government and media sources have categorically affirmed that foot patches may improve your finances but not your health. Their believability has been questioned from many angles.


Foot patch structure

The foot patch has adhesive strips with white bandages that allow them to remain attached onto the foot. According to some sources, the patch is made up of many ingredients. The typical ingredients are tourmaline mineral, herbs, plants, and wood vinegar. The ingredients are said to work in cohort to draw toxins - poisons like arsenic, lead, and heavy metals.


Foot patch functionality

One source says that the natural ingredients interact with the reflexology system immediately releasing infrared rays. The source says that the rays quicken some organs by the sole of the feet which help release tension and encourage healing. The stimulation creates the minus ion impact according to the source. The impact generates the osmotic shift responsible for increased toxin transfer through skin surface. The stimulation accelerates the process of toxin removal.


Dissenting views

The national commission against frauds in health has flagged foot patches as scams. There have not been any reliable clinical studies that show evidence of foot patches working. Although the foot patches have not been endorsed formally by healthcare institutions, some sources intimate on their benefits and functional capabilities.


Are foot patches genuine or fake?

According to a charitable UK organization, whose objective is to inform unsuspecting customers of health frauds, the detox foot patch makers have no idea or evidence to reliably ascertain the validity of foot patches as reliable detoxifiers. However, since the body detoxes itself naturally, nobody needs a foot patch to help detoxify the body especially so when its health benefits are in doubt. There are numerous ways to detoxify effectively, including: drinking pure mineral water, fasting, drinking lemon juice, eating organic fruits and vegetables, etc. The intestines work to prevent dangerous toxins and bacteria from getting absorbed into the blood system. The toxins that find their way in will often be excreted through the kidneys and liver.


To use or to lose foot patches

In light of the doubts and lack of scientific evidence in support of foot patches it would be wise to avoid them or seek medical advice on the matter before using them. It is better to be safe than sorry.




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