Opening A Medical Spa To Give Back

Are you interested in entering the field of medical esthetics?  Are you interested in both profitability and giving back to your community? Even if you aren’t a health care professional, you can.

A medical spa opens the possibilities for both profitable aesthetic treatments, and corrective treatments for disadvantaged children and adults.



Legal considerations when establishing your medical spa

Not only do you not have to be a health care professional to establish a medical spa, you don’t even necessarily need a college degree.  We will teach you simple steps to create a management company that can legally offer medical aesthetics treatments, such as botox, injectable dermal fillers, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and even sclerotherapy and dental aesthetics.


Learn how to negotiate with Physicians and dentists, how to structure fees and why fee splitting is not legal.  This course will be invaluable to helping you avoid possible financial or legal risks and how to ramp up your financial success.


Treatments that will make you money and how to sell them

Learn how to choose, package, and market some of the most profitable treatments, including:

  • laser skin rejuvenation
  • laser tattoo removal
  • permanent hair removal
  • botox and injectable dermal fillers (from a course certified doctor)
  • sclerotherapy
  • tooth whitening
  • sleep apnea treatments
  • pain management
  • chemical peels
  • microdermabrasion


How to simplify administration to free up time

As the owner of a medical spa, management and administration are your primary responsibility.  You’re going to want to focus on creating new business and leave the treatments to your staff.  We’ll teach you:

  • How to establish an efficient business
  • Who is legally allowed to perform procedures
  • Who you can hire, who you must hire, and how to recruit them
  • How to bill insurance for those who are covered


How to avoid audits and lawsuits

You’ll learn how to establish a Board compliant medical spa and protect yourself from an audit and what to do if you are audited.  You’ll learn what the law requires and the consequences of breaking the law, and what kind of malpractice you should have.  Moreover, you’ll learn what kinds of malpractice are a waste of time and money.


With a course that combines convenience of learning online with the interaction of a live instructor

The course is taken on an easy to use platform.  If you have ever used Skype or Facetime, you’ll have no problem.  Login from your home or office and listen to lectures, with the ability to ask questions just like you would in a typical classroom.

The course is taught by Dr. Howard Katz, co-creator of many injectable treatments, international educator in medical aesthetics, and president of the International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics.


Now You can Open a Profitable Medical Spa Legally

If you’ve thought you might enjoy opening a health care spa, but didn’t think you could because you aren’t a healthcare professional, we can show you how.

Our live format course online will show you:


How to set up a legal medical spa step by step

The fact is, anyone can open a medical spa, even without a medical license or even a college degree.  You can legally establish a management company that offers such aesthetics treatments as dermal fillers, botox, skin rejuvenation, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, sclerotherapy, chemical peels, braces, tooth whitening, pain management, and much more.

Find out how to negotiate with medical professionals, how to structure fees, why fee splitting is against the law, and management service contracts.

This course will not only help you avoid financial and legal hazards, but will also help you achieve rapid financial success.


Which treatments are most profitable, and how to market them

Learn how to choose what treatments you’re going to offer and how to effectively market them.  Some of the most profitable treatments you’ll learn about include:

  • laser treatment for skin renewal, removing tattoos, melting fat, and removing hair
  • injectable dermal fillers and botox
  • tooth whitening, sclerotherapy, mesotherapy, pain management
  • chemical peels and microdermabrasion


Freeing up time by simplifying administration

You need people who can legally administer treatments and you need to be able to focus on creating new streams of revenue.  Your primary function as the spa owner will be management and administration, but you don’t want to spend all your time on paperwork.  We’ll show you:

  • How to set up and streamline your company
  • Who is qualified to perform each type of procedure
  • Who you need on staff, and how to find them
  • Medical billing and CPT codes for those covered by insurance


Protecting your business against audits and lawsuits

We’ll show you exactly how to set up your business to comply with all regulations to minimize your chances of being audited.  We’ll also show you exactly what to do in the event you are audited.  Learn the laws regarding medical spas and the consequences of violating them.  Find out what kind of malpractice insurance you need and what kinds you don’t.


In an online, live format course

Combine the convenience of learning in your own office with the ability to ask questions just like a regular classroom.  Course software is very similar to Skype and just as easy to use.  The course is taught by the world renowned Dr. Howard Katz, international educator in esthetics with more than 35 years of successful private practice.


Open a Medical Spa, Even if You Aren’t a Health Care Professional

You don’t have to be a doctor to get into the field of medical esthetics.  We can show you how to open a legal and profitable medical spa, even if you aren’t a health care professional.

Our live online course will teach you:


Practical steps to set up a legal medical spa

It doesn’t take a medical license, or even a college degree, to open a legal medical spa.  Anyone who wants to can do it, and we can show you how, with a simple action plan for setting up a legal management company.  Your company will be able to offer profitable medical aesthetics, including injectable fillers, botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, sclerotherapy, mesotherapy, pain management, braces, tooth whitening, and treatment for sleep apnea.

There are legal guidelines for spa owners negotiating with doctors and dentists.  Learn what these are, how to structure your fees, why fee splitting is unlawful, and everything you need to know about management service contracts.

This course will help you protect yourself from possible legal and financial pitfalls, as well as speed your success when you provide aesthetic treatments.


How to market the most lucrative treatments

Learn which treatments are most profitable and how to package and promote them for best results.  You’ll learn about a wide range of treatments, including:

  • laser skin renewal
  • tattoo removal
  • fat removal
  • hair removal
  • injectable treatments
  • chemical peels
  • microdermabrasion
  • sclerotherapy
  • mesotherapy
  • pain management
  • sleep apnea treatments
  • much more...


Streamlining administration so you can focus on building business

Management and administration are vital to growing your business and you need people who can actually perform procedures.  In our course, you’ll learn:

  • Easy to follow steps to starting your operation efficiently
  • Who you need on staff to perform procedures
  • Who you should hire, and how to recruit them
  • Billing insurance


Avoiding audits and lawsuits

You’ll learn how to set up a medical spa that is fully Board compliant and how to avoid being audited.  In the event you are audited, you’ll also learn how to respond to ensure the best outcome.  You’ll learn all of the laws governing medical spas and what to expect when they aren’t followed.  You’ll also learn what kinds of malpractice insurance you do and don’t need.


Live online course

The course is offered in a live format online, so you get the convenience of taking the course from your own office and the interaction of going to a classroom.  You’ll learn all this and more from Dr. Howard Katz, an international educator in the field of medical aesthetics who has worked in private practice for more than 35 years.




To give anyone a way to provide assistance for kids and families in need of help while saving money.
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We create huge revenue every year to help underprivileged kids.

- Sean Terrance, Founder

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